Danny & the Deep Blue Sea

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

(An Apache Dance)
by John Patrick Shanley
Performed at WAAPA, in July 2001

From the program notes:
“Danny and the Deep Blue Sea captures the struggle of two people, Danny and Roberta who are trying to escape from the violent urban landscape in which they live in. Frustrated by the brutality and the lack of compassion they witness around them, they become lost in it themselves. Danny’s frustration leads him to scour the street for fights. Roberta hides in the sanctity of her small bedroom. Their fateful meeting in a bar one night leads them to the realisation that they do not suffer alone. Together they realise that they can have anything that they want. The challenge is to have the courage to hope”

Danny Angus Howell
Roberta Talei Howell-Price
Director Olivia Allen
Stage Manager Philippa Stroud
Lighting Designer Nicholas Higgins
Sound Designer Julian Hewitt
Video Documentation Julian Costanzo
Poster ArtWork Luke Elsto-Fisher