Edge Test

Edge Test

Steps Youth Dance Company
Performed at PICA,
The Australian Youth Dance Festival and
The Street Theatre, Canberra
in September/October 2001

‘Play The Game’ by Setefano Tele presents a paper cut-out ‘gibberish community infatuated with quiz shows. The work takes the packaged competitive tension that has fueled interest in quiz shows since the beginning of television and brings it to a dance context: There are questions, answers and above all , a parade of curiously compelling contestants.

”Never Mind The Snow’ by Felicity Bott plays with the media’s scaled-up representations of physical performance and space, and the highly contrasting reality of the individual alone with the daily details of living. Ultimately, capital soaked hype and insular banalitynotwithstanding, the dancers articulate edgelessness and ‘never mind the snow’.

Placement These two new dance works are arranged ‘tectonically’ in and around each other and are performed within a third work; the installation by Paul Wakelam. All aspects of the design for the show explore body, place and meaning. The dancers inhabit a floating suburban dream home and are suspended in home space, complete with all its encumbent meanings, movements and associations.

Choreographed by: Felicity Bott and Setefano Tele
Dane Peniston
Design and Installation by Paul Wakelam
Lighting Designed by Nicholas Higgins
Michelle Calkin
Glen Lo

Sound by Michael O’Brien
Richard Cilli
Production Co-Ordinator and Stage manager – Tanya Miles
Costumes by Nicole Gradisen
Courtney Hay
Richard Bethell
Karen Henderson
Shannon Riggs
Hayden Teo
Kim Rumbold
Marisa Aveling
Greschen Brecker
Francis Rofe
Gala Moody
James O’Hara