Perfunktory Stain

Perfunktory Stain

Choreographed by Katheryn Puie and Lucy Taylor
Performed at The Blue Room, 2001

Act 1
As city dwellers, our self image has been transforming from animal to mechanical. Our way of life has intensified in complexity to the point where we have become distracted from out true nature. The Dreamers linger in the neglected unconcious as the frustrated alter egos of people who have denied their own creative and magical potential.

Act 2
Whispers from beneath are growing louder. The himan spirit is not easily suppressed and the perfunctory people musat face their dream selves and the reality of natural absurdity.

Meanwhile the swayers are ever watching…

Choreographed by: Lucy Taylor and Katheryn Puie

Design by Korin Gath
Lighting Designed by Nicholas Higgins

Sound by Lindsay Vickery

Photography BY yuri Marinovich
Film footage by Andrew Morrison
Costumes by Donna Frankin
Floeur Alder
Alex Buck
Amity Culver
Korin Gath
John Gibson
Rachel Hare
Julian Nichols
Jada Powell
Bec Reid
Emma Sorteriou
Lucy Taylor
Katheryn Puie
Brynda Wackett
Sandi Woo