Dip Me In Honey

by Mary Rachel Brown and Madeleine Jaine
Produced by Elbow Theatre in August 2002
at The Blue Room

Programme Notes: “Having spent the morning in bed I decided to get up and put on a different perspective… during a time of great stress is when a soul shows great courage, or not. The irony of fortitude is the need for it at all. It is one of the most admirable qualities possessed by humanity; but, that a person can only show a level of fortitude equal to their suffering is an irony that bites. Pesrpective shifts. Solutions present themselves and lose themselves in a crowd of conversation as quickly as a crowd of can swallow a lover. Each dip and peak, each interruption contributes. There is always a time for joy and a time for sadness. Occasionally these times coincide. My thanks to all those who made this show possible.” Simon Clarke

The Actors:
Christina Critch, Liz Sideris, Cara Sutcliffe, Ben Russe, Daniel Palmer

The Rest:
Simon Clarke, Amanda King, Nick Higgins, Amy Leeder, Peetey.