Strike / One Year Later

Produced by UC Productions Vision in July 2002
at The Blue Room

Programme Notes:
“Strike (the game) is based upon the game CounterStrike™ a multi-award winning ‘first person shooter’ game. Clans of Strikers war each other in a team oriented battle (between terrorists and counter-terrorists) via the internet with scores kept for individual kills and deaths as well as the team scores. Points are scored for rescuing hostages or bombing specific targets.
Once a year, the Strike Player of the Year Awards are held with the top-twenty players (judged on the aggregate between kills and deaths throughout the year) being randomly allotted teams, and a national vote held to determine the player of the year. Art Big Boss is the only player to win consecutive titles between 2097-2099 until the events which unfold on the stage occur…


Shortly after writing Strike! the Australian government announced its plan to build its first bio-diesel plant near Bunbury – when the fossil fuels run out, the workers of this plant will control the production of the means of transport. Spurred on by this, I created a timeline of the next one hundred years of human social revolution which resulted in the world of Strike! My desire to flesh out this world resulted in …On Year Earlier, drawing upon world events such as the War on Terror, the supposed desensitising effects of modern video games and the endemic spread of HIV and the hyperinflation of public liability. The characters reflect modern ideals and the reality of compromise – living in a world that none of would care to imagine come true.”
Scott Martin

Cast and Creative Team

Simmo Sayen Crispian Chan
Abel Kallam Patrick Spicer
Nana Kallam Dean McAskil
Emily Cainson Illan O’Halloran
Voice of Emily Keziah Gillam
Written by Scott Martin Strike! Directed by Cara Sutcliffe
Designed by Bryan Woltjen …One Year Earlier Directed by Scott Martin
Lighting Design by Nicholas Higgins Costume Makers – Amber Hasler / Eva Miller
Lighting Operator Andrew Tweedie Sound Designer – Adam Risbey
Stage Manager – Georgia Malone Soundtrack – Strike! – Kent Grey
ASM – Andrea Manning Soundtrack – …One Year Earlier:
Andrew Lawrence (UK)