The Butcher

The Butcher

by Marlish Glorie Performed at The Blue Room, Perth in May 2001

Writer’s Notes:
“The Butcher is the quintessential study of emotional pain that is brought about by loss, change and having to move on to unknown territory. These are universal themes that deserve constant attention as we are now living in times of great uncertainty both in the working and social environment.
The play conveys that ‘loss’ is not confined to just the individual, but ripples out into society’s subconcious.
I would like to thank the wonderful cast and crew for whom it was a privilege to work with, and who through their hard work made this play happen.”
Marlish Glorie


Gossit: Igor Sass
Liddy: Irene Jarzabeck
Stuart: Connor Beaver
Mrs White: Kerry Goode

Marlish Glorie

Director Gabrielle Metcalf
Set Design Lindsay Pow
Stage Manager Andrea Fowler