The Golden Age

Performed by The WA Youth Theatre
At The Playhouse, March 2002

“This haunting play opens in 1939 after a decade that may have been a golden age for someof the wealthy, privileged and intelligentia, but no paradise for many aftrer years of economic depression, and with our ‘civilisation’ about to bring us to the lunacy and degeneracy of a second world war.
Louis Nowra’s themes of loss and decline, of crumbling civilisations and intoleration of misfits, has profound echoes for us as we face a new and uncertain age, fraught with international conflict and racial disharmony. Can we learn the lessons of the past? Will Betsheb and Francis, both outcasts, have a future in their garden of eden? Nowra claims that this play has one of his most optimistic endings, and we do feel that there is a chance that they will survive if they can learn to live at one with the forest perhaps, rather than imposing their will upon it.”

The Cast: The Company:
William Archer – David Smith Director – Jenny Davis
Elizabeth Archer – Jana Sardelic Production Manager – Tanya Miles
Peter Archer – Sebastian Lighting Design – Nicholas Higgins
Francis Morris – Simon Nichols Sound Design – Andrew Newnham
Betsheb – Alex Milne Assistant Stage Manager – Kristy Anderson
Stef – Nick Maclaine Music Director – Rachael Hare
Ayre – Amanda Chesterton Choreography – Setefano Tele
Melorne / George Ross – Bodi Ledwij Wardrobe Design – Josephine Webster
Angel – Stephanie Huts Set Design – Jake Newby
Mac / American Soldier – Troy Ball Administration – Melanie Jasper
Mrs Witcombe / Mrs Turner – Rose Marfleet Photography – Kate Haeslip – Milne
Dr Simon – Cathryn Sinclair
James / Taxi Driver – Trent George Kennedy
Private Corris / Servant – Toby Pitt
German / Servant – Zeb Melvin
Mary – Laetitia Riches