The Gathering

Produced in October 2005 at PICA, Perth

Written by Eamon Flack & Matthew Lutton in collaboration with The Company
Directed By Matthew Lutton
Designed by Bryan Woltjen
Projections by Sohan Ariel Hayes
Sound by Kingsley Reeve
Composition by Ash Gibson Greig
Lighting Design by Nicholas Higgins

The Cast: Igor Sas, Renee McIntosh, Eamon Flack and Ariane Daff

“A Bike Crash on the other side of the world. A gentle murder.A painter obsessed with the moon landing. And the only guide Anna has is a portrait of a naked man.

The Gathering is the story of Anna and her attempt to trace the footsteps of her father. But as she digs on one side of the world, her mother at home plunges into a river of hundred year old autopsies, raining rea cups and murderous guests.

A fast paced and highly visual production told by Igor Sas, Reneee McIntosh, Eamon Flack and Adrianne Daff. Digital projection and filmic underscoring create a constantly transforming space within which four lives gather themselves up out of the muck of the last century.”