King Lear

Produced in July 2007 at The Lennox Theatre, Parramatta
by Studio Co. in association with Riverside Theatres

Directed by Mark Kilmurry
Produced by Camilla Rountree
Designed by Nicholas Dare
Sound by Darryl Wallis
Costume Design by Jo Briscoe
Lighting Design by Nicholas Higgins
Stage Management by Alison Hepburn Brown
Assistant Director John Trutwin


The Lear Family:
King Lear : Patrick Dickson
Regan : Vanessa Downing
Goneril : Toni Scanlan
Cordelia/Fool/Oswald : Ksenja Logos

The Gloucesters:
The Duke of Gloucester : Daniel Mitchell
Edmund : John Trutwin
Edgar: Ben Ager

The Duke of Kent : Brian Meegan