Gods & Sinners

Produced at The Independent Theatre in June 2008

Written by Von Suppe & Offeenbach

Mucial Direction & Conducted by Andrew Greene

Directed by Christine Douglas
Produced by Pacific Opera
Designed by Kim Scott
Lighting Design by Nicholas Higgins
Stage Managed by Bronwyn Dunston


Daphnis & Chloe
Adam Player Daphnis
Rachel Cunningham Chloe
David Hidden Pan
Michaela Hodgson Calisto
Maria Hemphill Xantippe
Juel Flemming Eriphyle
Cathy Zhang Aricie
Regina Daniel Amalthee
Eve Klein Niobe
Sophie Goldrick Locoe
The Gorgeous Galatea
Mary-Jean O’Doherty Galatea
Kathryn Turner Ganymede
Julian Brun Pygmalion
Warren Fisher Midas

Regina Daniel, Juel Flemming, Sophie Goldrick, Maria Hemphill, Eve Klein, Cathy Zhang