Mobile States 1

Produced in September 2002 at PICA


Sarah Miller (WA)
Fiona Winning (NSW)

Production Manager:
Mike Nanning

Lighting Designer:
Nicholas Higgins

Tour Coordinator:
Erin Brannigan

Devised by: Simon Ellis
Performer: Simon Ellis
Design: Elizabeth Boyce
Sound Design: Jacqueline Grenfell
Lighting Design: Alycia Hevey

Devised by Jo Pollitt
Performer: Jo Pollitt
Sound Design: Michael O’Brien
Costume Design: Genevieve Dugard

Choreography: Felicity Morgan
Performers: Rachel Ogle and Molly Tipping
Music: Guy Fleming

Choreographer: Olivia Millard
Performer: Olivia Millard
Composition and Sound Design: Vferver

Choreography, design and Performance: Helen Omand
Costume Design: Vanessa Ellis
Voice coach: John Brennand
Rehearsal Assistance: Vanessa Ellis, Kat Worth
Publicity Photos: Gus Kemp

> Mobile States is a program of short dance works curated by Fiona Winning and Sarah Miller and created by emerging choreographers from around Australia.

> This touring initiative is a unique opportunity not only to showcase short works by a new generation of Australian dance artists and to extend the life of an existing performance, but offers audiences the chance to engage with a range of dance and movement based practices including abstract dance, dance theatre, text and dance, dance and multimedia and improvisation.

> Mobile states is dancing coast to coast with seasons at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art followed by seasons at Sydney’s Performance Space.